7 English-Speaking Law Firms in Seoul

7 English-Speaking Law Firms in Seoul



Most lawyers in South Korea use their native Korean language as a way of communicating with their clients and performing their duties in courtrooms. While you are still on the path of learning the language, it might be difficult for you to freely express your needs and requests to them since the language barrier can sometimes slow down clear communication.

Fortunately, there are a generous number of law firms in Seoul that are comprised of English-speaking lawyers. To fully obtain your needed legal services, here are 7 English-speaking law firms that you can consult with in Seoul.



1. Pureum Law Office (PLO)

Pureum Law Office (PLO) is only one among the few law firms that specialize in helping expats and foreigners with their legal concerns and issues. Since 2014, the law firm has already served over 500 cases and has handled clients from over 20 different countries.

  • Best for: immigration, divorce, criminal defense

  • Scope of Service: inheritance, signature witnessing, and notarization, contracts, corporate, civil litigation, foreign direct investment, legal due diligence

  • Website: https://pureumlawoffice.com 

  • Address: #308, 217 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

  • Contact Details: (+82) 02-790-7303, ask@pureumlawoffice.com


Service Highlights

PLO’s detailed knowledge of immigration law and cross-border legal regulation allows them to serve all types of foreign clients. 



2. IPG Legal

IPG Legal has a team of lawyers that are experts in business law, civil litigation, franchise law, and criminal defense. These lawyers are known for their business-tailored street-smart advice, real on-the-ground international legal experience, and aggressive and nuanced legal advocacy.

  • Best for: business, civil, criminal law

  • Scope of Service: antitrust and KFTC, arbitration, corporate compliance, criminal defense, dispute resolution – civil, labor and employment, mergers and acquisitions, international trade and investment, private client, real estate

  • Website: https://www.ipglegal.com 

  • Address: 397 Seochodaero, Tower A, 16th Floor, Boutique Monaco Bldg., Seoul, Korea

  • Contact Details: info@ipglegal.com


Service Highlights

The presence of other branches outside Seoul allows IPG Legal to be fully adept with cross-border issues and concerns.



3. Yulchon LLC

Numerous professionals and attorneys within Yulchon LLC have great English-speaking skills that make them recommendable for people who are seeking legal advice and services. Aside from its Seoul office, Yulchon LLC also has offices in China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Russia.

  • Best for: business, corporate, tax, labor, and employment law

  • Scope of Service: antitrust/competition, corporate and finance, dispute resolution, tax, real estate, and construction, intellectual property, labor and employment

  • Website: https://www.yulchon.com 

  • Address: Parnas Tower, 38th Floor, 521 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06164, Korea

  • Contact Details: +82-2-528-5200, mail@yulchon.com


Service Highlights

The law firm continues to follow a unique teamwork-based system combined with expertise in various law practice fields and cooperative culture.



4. Lee & Ko

Lee & Ko is known as the second-largest law firm in South Korea. Altogether, Lee & Ko has more than 500 attorneys across offices in Seoul, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi. The firm maintains 40 legal practice groups that are nationally recognized for their excellence. 

  • Best for: risk management, intellectual property law

  • Scope of Service: corporate, antitrust and competition, banking and finance, litigation and arbitration, intellectual property, tax and customs, labor and employment, and regional expertise.

  • Website: http://www.leeko.com 

  • Address: Hanjin Building 63 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu Seoul 04532, Korea

  • Contact Details: +82-2-772-4000, mail@leeko.com


Service Highlights

Lee & Ko fully understands numerous legal situations given their long years of experience in the local and international level. 




5. Kim & Chang

Kim & Chang has more than 1,300 professionals on the firm, making it the largest law firm in the country. They are known for embracing the latest legal technology and process innovation to better serve clients with faster turnaround time and quality legal advice.

  • Best for: major law practices

  • Scope of Service: regulatory and compliance, advisory and transaction, dispute resolution

  • Website: https://www.kimchang.com 

  • Address: 39, Sajik-ro 8-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03170, Korea

  • Contact Details: +82-2-3703-1114, lawkim@kimchang.com


Service Highlights

Kim & Chang continuously works on its comprehensive database system that will allow them to have unparalleled knowledge and expertise in every area of the legal field.



6. Yeyul Law Firm

Yeyul Law Firm has been giving high-quality legal services for individuals, corporations, and governments ever since its establishment in 2012. The law firm serves its clients by building trust and credibility, providing unparalleled expertise, and giving out practical solutions. 

  • Best for: immigration law

  • Scope of Service: immigration, commercial, alternative dispute resolution, litigation

  • Website: http://yeyul-lawfirm.com 

  • Address: 1F, 93, Mokdongnam-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • Contact Details: +82-2-557-5579, info@yeyul-lawfirm.com  


Service Highlights

The law firm has 3 English-speaking lawyers that can help in dealing with immigration and international law. They also help refugees who have visa issues and concerns.



7. Kangnam Labor Law Firm

Kangnam Labor Law Firm is composed of attorneys who are experts on labor law, ensuring foreign clients to obtain similar rights as Koreans. Most of their legal cases are done at the Labor Relations Commission and/or the Labor Office to help keep their services affordable.

  • Best for: labor law

  • Scope of Service: foreign-invested companies, preventive advice mediation for labor disputes, delegate authority for collective bargaining, education and training, establishment or revision of company’s regulations, legal agent for labor issues, professional advice on labor issues and human resources

  • Website: http://www.k-labor.com 

  • Address: A-1501 406, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06192 Korea (Daechi-Dong, Champs Elysees Center)

  • Contact Details: 02-539-0098, bongsoojung@naver.com


Service Highlights

The law firm works promptly by following quick problem-solving methods like assessing the issues, finding their causes, and providing the most ideal solutions. 




These 7 English-speaking law firms have been helping foreign clients and expats solve different types of legal issues and concerns. Hiring their services ensures you to get and obtain the rights or privileges that you truly deserve, just like what Koreans normally achieve and attain in the country.


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