Cheap and Professional Printing in Seoul

Cheap and Professional Printing in Seoul

There is a massive artistic community that exists in Seoul, and along with that community, there also exists an abundance of small indie printers generally located in manufacturing and printing areas such as Euljiro 3-ga and Jongno 3-ga. These printers are some of the best quality you could ask for, although prices tend to be on the higher side, and order numbers also need to be larger (each business will have their specific order numbers). If you are in need of printing services but don't want to spend too much for them, then you should consider looking into one of the many bigger companies here in Seoul that offer professional printing services at competitive prices. 



Basic Printing Information for Beginners 

If you are new to professional printing and have thus far only used your school or local library printers, there are a few things you should know about what encompasses professional services. If you are familiar with this already then skip to the bottom of the article for printing business suggestions! 

It’s important to note that not all printing quality is the same from printer to printer, and also what you should be looking at when judging the quality of a product. There are two basic types of printing – digital printing and offset printing. Digital printing is basically a big inkjet printer similar to the one you might find in homes – or in your school library – although the quality is much higher. For smaller print runs, digital printing is generally cheaper, but there is a slight difference in quality compared to offset printing. 

Offset printing is the method that many factories in Euljiro 3-ga use, and also major new outlets in their factories. They are big machines with rollers that produce massive volumes of printed materials. These machines require a specially made printing plate that results in top quality. However, the cost to set up the machine means it costs more for smaller quantities.



Quality Check 

Quality in printing basically means you should be checking for colour, clarity, cutting, and setting. Colour can be quite imprecise in both offset and digital printing depending on what colour model you and the printer use (CMYK or RBG). Offset usually produces truer colours, clarity, and sharpness. 

Both cutting and setting are related to the technique used when finishing your printed product. For example, poor cutting could mean cutting in the wrong place so that the contents are not correctly aligned in addition to jagged, fuzzy, or chipped edges. Setting (colour setting) errors are not acceptable regardless of how much you pay. This means the printer has not allowed the ink to dry properly and it’s smudged as a result. Another determinant of quality is the weight of the paper that you choose. This is up to you to choose the right paper, but any good printing place should offer to help you or give you suggestions.   


Suggested Printers in Seoul

Below is a list of some printers to try if you are looking for inexpensive and quality printing in Seoul! 


1. Red Printing 

  • Best for: Specialty Items
  • Website:
  • Contact: 010-1544-0590,​
  • HighlightsRed Printing is a great place to go if you are looking to have custom items printed such as stickers, pop sockets, postcard books, and magnets! The entire printing process is simple and can be done online. 


2. Xism Design

  • Best for: Custom Designs
  • Website:
  • Contact: 020-2263-8062,
  • Highlights: Xism Design is a professional printing studio as well as a graphic design studio. The studio works in a broad spectrum of disciplines and is best if you are looking to have one of a kind, branded items. 


3. Bookbinders Design

  • Best for: Office Stationery 
  • Website:
  • Contact: 070-7854-6113,
  • Highlights: Bookbinders Design is a great place to go if you need customized stationery such as calendars, notebooks, etc. They also offer custom hand binding services and handcrafted products available for purchase. 


4. Asia Korea Printing

  • Best for: Business Related Items
  • Website:
  • Contact:  070-8672-2750,
  • Highlights: Asia Korea Printing is well known in Seoul for packaging, stationery, and promotional items. They have over 30 years of experience serving both large corporations and independent creators. They also offer 24/7 customer service. 


5. Kinkos Korea

  • Best for: Oversized Colour Printing 
  • Website:
  • Contact: 020-557-1279, 
  • Highlights: Kinkos Korea provides professional printing and business services. Their services include color printing, photocopies, presentation services, bookbinding, and oversized item printing. They also offer extended customer service hours. 


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