How to Send Packages at Convenience Stores in Korea

How to Send Packages at Convenience Stores in Korea

One of the many conveniences that you can find in South Korea is the ability to ship out
packages from any number of major convenience stores in the country. Although there are a
good deal of post offices located in South Korea, in a densely populated area like Seoul or
Busan, it still might take effort to fight your way through foot traffic or actual traffic and locate
that one post office nearby. To give everyone’s lives the comfort of quickly and easily mailing
out packages, a process for affordable shipment through convenience stores has been made

For one thing, you can carry out the majority of the process through digital practices by creating an account and registering as a user. You can fill out the majority of the information from home without have to hastily do it within the store itself. Once you’ve created an account, all you have to do is fill out the typical forms, citing where you are going to send the package, to whom, and the estimated value of the package. You also receive discounts by delivering through an account!


Here are the links for package shipping at local convenience stores.

While the link above is meant for GS25 and CU, both major convenience stores that you can
easily find on every street corner of major cities like Seoul and Busan, it is possible to create an account with other convenience stores. Look through their websites for further instructions. You can, of course, create multiple accounts for convenience, through it will probably water down the amount of discounts that you will receive.

Once you’re ready to do the actual shipping, go the convenience store with your package and
bring it to the weighing station. Oftentimes, the weighing station will be located next to the hot
water dispenser. At the weighing station, you will log into your account, weigh the package and
hit confirm, and then create the label. Once the label has printed, tear the portion that has the
usual information (address, names, etc) and stick it onto your package. You can then take your
package to the collection section of the shop. Afterwards, you take the remaining half of the label and use it to pay for the package.

While some stores and locations can differ, for the most parts, the packages are going to be
picked up by the end of the typical business day (5 pm on weekends and 12 pm on Saturdays). If you have any questions, you can try and speak with the staff at the convenience store.

TIP: There are limitations on the size (largest box sold at the Korean post office) and weight (30kg) of the packages. Good luck, and enjoy affordable and convenient shipping!