Top 10 Vintage Shops in South Korea

Top 10 Vintage Shops in South Korea 


There are many different tiers of vintage shopping in South Korea, from warehouses located on the outskirts of Seoul that are filled with piles of clothing for ₩3,000, to luxury vintage resellers in Gangnam that sell vintage Chanel bags for ₩600,000. There are also Instagram shops, vintage markets, and the usual curated shops in areas like Hongdae. 

If you are interested in exploring some of the more shopper (and wallet) friendly vintage stores in South Korea, take a look at the list below for some great well known shops among South Korea’s vintage veterans! 


1. The Old Vintage

Best for: Designer Labels 

Pricing: ₩10,000 - ₩100,000

Address: 328-26, Jongro-gu, Jjangshin-dong, Seoul, South Korea 



Located near Dongmyo station right before you enter the bustling Dongmyo market, there is a cozy looking curated vintage shop selling men’s and women’s clothing. There are two floors of neatly organized racks of clothing and... changing rooms! Hurrah! You can also find designer labels for cheap prices if you are lucky. 


2. Vintage Garcons


Best for: Designer Mens Vintage 

Pricing: ₩50,000 - ₩200,000

Instagram: @vintage.garcons



Vintage Garcons is a mens vintage shop that sells designer and Japanese vintage. They have a physical shop located on the second floor of Gwangjang market, as well as a digital store run on Instagram. Expect to find bright pants, bold patterned shirts, and oversized sweaters. You can shop via DM as well if you can’t be bothered to go all the way to the market. 


3. Vintage Garce


Best for: Edgy Vintage 

Pricing: ₩30,000 - ₩120,000

Address: 395-20, Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong Seoul, South Korea 

Instagram: @vintage.garce



Vintage Garce is run by the same owners as Vintage Garcons, but this shop sells only womens vintage! You can find styles similar to those on their mens account, but often in softer colours and with more girly silhouettes. They also recently opened a store in the area close to Hongdae where they sell both men’s and women’s items, so be sure to check that out! 


4. Vintage Kevin


Best for: 2000s Bohemian 

Pricing: ₩10,000 - ₩80,000

Address: 서울시 종로구 창경궁로 88 수입구제상가 1556호

Instagram: @vintage.kevin



Vintage Kevin is a womens vintage shop that also runs a stall based out of Gwangjang Market. They sell lots of flowy skirts, sheer blouses, and bohemian dresses in soft colours and floral patterns. The owner of the shop is extremely friendly and eager to help you find something that you love! 


5. Page One Vintage


Best for: Girly Japanese Vintage

Pricing: ₩30,000 - ₩130,000

Address:  2F 67-14, Dokmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Instagram: @pageone__official



Located in Seoul’s Hongik University district, Page One Vintage is one of Seoul's most loved vintage shops. They only offer high-quality items in great condition that are carefully curated in their shop, which results in prices being slightly higher than other vintage stores in the area. If you are interested in Japanese Vintage, then this shop will fulfill all your vintage dreams. 


6. Dupatena Vintage 


Best for: Designer Vintage Shoes & Handbags 

Pricing: ₩60,000 - ₩200,000

Address: 113, Bogwang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea 



This vintage handbag shop is located along Itaewon’s well known vintage furniture street and it truly is a hidden gem. It is run by an incredibly sweet older woman, and every handbag and pair of shoes is in amazing condition. Items here are definitely on the more expensive side but that said, if you’re looking to splurge on your next handbag, why not make it a unique vintage one? Some brands that are sold here include Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes. 




Best for: Classic Women’s Vintage

Pricing: ₩3,000 - ₩80,000

Address: 11-14, Jahamun-ro 12gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea 



STOCK is tucked away in a small alley in one of Busan’s hippest areas. The shop is incredibly well curated, selling mostly items from Japan. Each piece of clothing is in great condition and priced extremely fairly. This is a must visit spot in Busan if you are looking for vintage clothing!


8. Beullo


Best for: Men’s Casual Vintage 

Pricing: ₩30,000 - ₩140,000

Address: 26 Jung-gu, 39gil, Busan, South Korea 



Located in Nampo-dong near Gukje Market, there is a whole street filled with vintage clothing shops!  Gukje Market was established in the 1950s during the Korean War, and is now famous among vintage lovers. One of the best shops in the area is Beullo, a men’s vintage shop that carries casual seaside style clothing for men. Expect to find some designer pieces here also if you look hard enough!


9. Myungpum Store 


Best for: Jackets

Pricing: ₩80,000 - ₩200,000

Address: 345, Chonggyecheon-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea 



This shop is a little on the outskirts of Dongmyo Vintage Market on a quiet street near the river, but is truly a hidden gem if you are looking for a new fall or winter jacket! The selection here is incredible and full of vintage mens blazers and beautiful leather jackets. Be sure to give yourself lots of time to sift through the racks and racks of clothing packed in the small shop. 


10. B & G Vintage 


Best for: Mens & Womens Japanese Vintage 

Pricing: ₩15,000 - ₩80,000

Address: 19, Jong-ro 60gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea 



At B&G Vintage stands for “boys and girls”, which is exactly what they sell. Here you can find both women’s and men’s clothing at great prices – expect to find lots of classic American brands such as Carhartt, Dickies, Polo, and Champion. There are mirrors but no changing rooms, so wear light clothing if you want to try on one of the many cozy oversized sweaters they sell there. 


South Korea has a massive vintage scene and the styles vary greatly from city to city, and even from person to person depending on their style! While it’s true that you can find everything from Japanese vintage dresses to classic American polos – and everything else in between – give some of these stores a try first as a starting point to steer you in the direction of your desired look. 


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