Where to Buy Intimates in Seoul 

Where to Buy Intimates in Seoul 


If you’re wondering where you can buy intimates and underwear in Seoul, you’ve clicked on the right article. We’ve rounded up some popular stores around Seoul that carry intimates. Whether you’re looking for basics, lingerie, shapewear, or maternity wear, we guarantee that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. Also, if you’re a fan of online shopping and browsing from the comfort of your own home, most of these stores also conveniently have an online store that you can order from as well. 



The Zam


Website - Thezam.co.kr 

Instagram - thezam_official

Product Specialty - Wide range of styles, bralettes, bras, panties, sleepwear, sportswear, outerwear, swimsuits for women


The zam focuses on comfortable and classic silhouettes. Their product line comes in sizes A-F, which is quite impressive for a Korea based intimates label. Along with the standard bra, they also carry seamless (wireless bras) as well as cotton bralettes. Aside from bras, they carry panties, sleepwear, slips, and T-shirts, sportswear, leggings and tights, swimwear, and summer wear. Though their focus is on clothing and intimates, they also have a complementary lifestyle section where they carry soaps, body wash, and detergents. If you’re looking for something that you can wear casually on an everyday basis, this is the store for you.



Aimer Feel



Website - aimerfeel.kr 

Instagram - aimerfeel_kr_official 

Product Specialty - Bras, panties, daily wear, sleepwear, swimsuits, matching couple boxers 


Aimerfeel is a lingerie store that started in Kobe Japan, which has since expanded into 130 stores spread across Korea and China. They advertise as providing high quality and affordability in lingerie. Aside from bras, their stores also carry daily wear, pajamas, and swimsuits. From bras, they carry seamless bras as well as strapless bras. Though their appeal is mostly sexy, they also carry very cute silhouettes and colorful and patterned fabrics for both men and women. They carry matching items for couples, such as their very popular “couple shorts” which make couples feel very connected through their matching intimates.





Website - vivien.co.kr

Instagram - vivien_Korea

Product Specialty - bras, panties, sets, slips, loungewear, shapewear, maternity wear, men’s activewear


You may have come across Vivien in department stores such as Shinsaegae. Vivien carries apparel and intimates for both men and women. Their product line for women consists of bras, panties, sets, slips, home wear, innerwear, shapewear, and maternity wear. They also carry miscellaneous accessories such as socks, tights, and masks. For men, they carry boxers available in various silhouettes, in addition to activewear. Not only do they carry their own label, but they also stock other popular intimate wear brands such as Gentoff and BBM. 





Website - eblin.elandmall.com

Instagram - eblin_kr

Product Specialty - Swimwear, beachwear, lingerie, slips, robes, activewear, boxers for men.


EBLIN is a global lingerie brand that stands for “everyday beautiful lingerie”. As their name suggests, EBLIN focuses on basic intimates that are suitable to wear on an everyday basis. However, aside from their “daily intimates” line, they also have an impressive offering of lingerie. If you’re looking for something more out of the ordinary, you will also be pleased to find that they carry a wide selection of garter belts, bustiers, and playsuits.





Website - taxte.co/shop

Instagram - taxtetaster

Product Speciality - Bras and panties A-D cup


Taxte is a made-to-order lingerie store started by CEO and designer Areum Park, who was inspired by European Vintage Lingerie Brands. As one of her brand focuses is to be environmentally friendly, she uses Tencel, a sustainable fabric that is also extremely soft and gentle to the skin.  Though her products are made in limited made-to-order quantities and are made to feel luxurious, she aims to keep her items accessible, and refuses to hike up her prices. Bras are 38,000 KRW, and panties range from 16,000 - 19,000 KRW. Her goal is to make women feel beautiful in their own skin.





Website - oysho.com/kr/en

Instagram - Oysho

Product Speciality - Bras, briefs, lingerie, maternity, T-shirts, Trousers, Robes, Nightdresses, socks, Swimsuits, Trousers, Dresses, Trousers, Footwear + diverse Bra styles


Oysho is a brand that has opened its locations in Korea. Aside from swimwear, PJs, and loungewear as well as sportswear, it also carries one of the most diverse ranges of bra styles. You can find this store in Starfield Mall, Coex mall, as well as some department stores such as Shinsaegae. In the bra category, their line of fits includes push-up, lightly padded, non-padded, underwired, non-wired, strapless and multiway, Dentelle, basics, as well as Post-Surgery bras. Their sizes range from 65 B to 85 C.



Audace Lingerie


Website - audacelingerie.com

Product Speciality - International designer lingerie and hosiery A-H cup


Audace Lingerie aims to bring international designer lingerie and hosiery to Seoul. They aim to provide high-quality lingerie as well as memorable and personalized service to those who visit their showroom located in Gangnam. From casual wear to luxurious styles, they carry products from renowned European brands such as Lou, Chantelle, Rosy, and Lejaby. The French owner Gina Fran, is a certified fitter and is always seeking out trendy colors, as well as high-quality fabrics and designs so that women don’t have to choose between elegance, comfort, and support. With Audace Lingerie, you can have all. 

Bustier women oftentimes get frustrated that bras offered in larger sizes are plain, and don’t have the detail and designs that smaller bras do. At Audace, they carry bras that size up to H-cup, without compromising style.



Bra Shop Lora


Website - http://www.lora.co.kr/

Instagram - brashop_lora

Product Speciality - Diverse size range (B- J), minimizer bra, breastfeeding maternity bra.


Brashop Lora has two retail stores- one in Hongdae and one in Nonhyun. Their mission is to provide bras that fit every body shape, thus carrying a diverse line of styles and a wide range of sizes from B to J cup. Along with the standard product offering provided by other intimates stores, they also carry unique items that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as the Minimizer bra and the maternity breastfeeding bra. In addition, they also sell shapewear, nightwear, panties, bra accessories, and swimwear. 



There you have it! With this hefty list of intimate stores in Seoul, you will surely be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re on the search for some basic undergarments, something for more special occasions, plus-sized items, or other specialty bras, you have plenty of options to choose from in Seoul.


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