86 Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, KOREA

Seoul Club

86 Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, KOREA


International business and sports club situated in the foothills of Namsan mountain in Seoul. 86 Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul.

The Seoul Club: Korea’s Exclusive Social Club for Expats



As one of these oldest social clubs in Korea, the Seoul Club has withstood financial hardships, war, and multiple relocations. Emperor Kojong founded the Seoul Club in order to foster cross-cultural understanding and international friendships. It remains the only multi-national private membership club in Korea. We provide a venue for members to enjoy family, business, social, and recreational opportunities, both within the expatriate and Korean communities. Regardless of language, color, creed, religion, age, and so on, the Seoul Club has opened its doors to all, cultivating a true international fellowship.




Like most private, membership clubs, the Seoul Club is reserved to individuals corporations who are pre-qualified and are approved by the Board of Governors or invited by another Seoul Club member. There are several different kinds of membership including honorary, associate and family associate, corporate proprietary (foreign and Korean), individual proprietary (foreign and Korean) memberships.

All individuals aspiring to be members must fill out application forms found onsite at the Seoul Club. In addition to all the forms and documents required, the applicant must have two sponsors and/or referrals with their registered membership number and signature. Applications should come with advanced payment. Incomplete applications or delayed payments will result in suspension of the application. The application will go through several departments and boards before landing at the Board of Governors who will consider and vote for an applicant’s admission.


Food and Beverages


Seoul Club has a highly-trained staff of cooks and chefs to provide our members with the most delicious, flavorful dishes for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Our variety of dining opportunities includes the Trio Restaurant, Atrium Restaurant, Delicatessen & Poolside Café, and the Centennial Bar.


Trio Restaurant


Seoul Club’s Trio offers intense flavors with quality ingredients in their international modern cuisine. With a magnificent view of the mountains and surrounding grassy land, Trio is the perfect place to bring guests, colleagues, and loved ones for any occasion. Trio is equipped with private rooms, newly created items, an international luncheon buffet and Sunday brunch. Business dress code is in effect on weekdays while smart casual attire is recommended for weekends and holidays.


Atrium Restaurant


Atrium is a pan-Asian family restaurant for almost any meal or snack. With high ceilings and skylights, the sunny ambiance of Atrium makes it a great spot to snuggle up with a hot cocoa and a book, or a newspaper and a light lunch. Recently renovated with a new look and a new menu, Atrium provides a variety of Western and Asian cuisine and weekly specials. It has everything from an ala carte option of low fat foods and vegetarian selections to hamburgers and galbi, including an international luncheon buffet. Atrium provides shared dish options and a special Sammy menu for our junior members.

As a popular family destination, feel free to bring a book or a laptop. And don’t forget to ask about our popular dessert menu. Casual clothing is permitted, but swimsuits and soiled gym clothing are NOT permitted in any dining areas.


Delicatessen & Poolside Café


Our Poolside Delicatessen & Cafe offers freshly baked breads, pastries, pies and cakes as well as an eclectic selection of deli items. In addition to our wonderful selection of international wines, our delicatessen offers a wide selection of deli items for purchase/ take out including fruit, milk, yogurt, pre-made sandwiches and salads, sushi, and wraps. The Delicatessen & Café is a great place for an early breakfast or a post-workout snack. Members can stop by for a complimentary cup of coffee or look through our magazine selection. You can also stop by the poolside area for some fresh air. The Deli has an assortment of baked goods, premade foods for take out, and basic convenience items like juice, fruit or cheese. It also has a menu for just in-house dining. It’s also a great place to order holiday foods, special treats like birthday cakes, and Thanksgiving turkeys. We also have exciting events like mid-week poolside summer barbeques, live music concerts, themed foods, and tasty slushies. Breakfast foods and baked goods are available until 10 am every day.


Centennial Bar


The Seoul Club’s Centennial Bar is for people over the age of 20. A refuge from city life and a great way to have some adult time, the Centennial Bar has a beautiful patio deck to sit back and watch the lights of Namsan Tower dance in the reflection of the pool. The Centennial Bar has various beers on tap and wine selection. It offers a daily happy hour and snacks from the sandwich menu in addition to the bar menu of soups, salads, pastas, and so on. Centennial Bar also hosts many wine club events as well as comedy night. It may be closed and/or restricted for private club events and functions throughout the year. While reservations in advance are not allowed in the Centennial Bar, it is recommended that large groups call ahead for confirmation of availability and clarity about event schedules.


Kids and Youth


With almost 1500 children in the member family, the Seoul Club has extensive programming for our junior members. We have a childcare center, a youth activities center, a playground, a baby pool, a terrace room, and a specialized menu for a little members.

At our childcare center, we have a daily drop off service for children ages 6 months to 4 years old although ages 2-4 require a reservation. Open from 9 am to 9 pm, our childcare center doesn’t charge any fees. However, parents must be members and they must be on Seoul Club grounds at all times. Children are allowed in the childcare center for 2-hour increments with a variety of playthings, climbing toys, and media centers.

Our youth activities center is meant for children over the age of 5 years old. The center is equipped with a jungle gym, computers, restricted internet service, Xbox, playstations, a full kitchen, and a media center. We also host a variety of different programs including workshops and sleepovers. The center is open on weekdays, weekends, and sometimes on holidays from 9 am to 9 pm.

Our playground is located at the end of the pool deck with child-friendly rubber tiles, climbing equipment, and slides. Children of all ages are welcome although this area is not staffed so a parent must be there to supervise at all times. Alcohol and smoking are not allowed in these family-friendly areas.

Our baby pool is less than 90 centimeters and heated. Parental supervision is required although our high-trained life guards are available for any emergencies. The pool is mostly meant for infants and toddlers, not older children. It has sprinklers and steps and is a great place for beginning swimmers.

Lastly, we carry a specialized menu for children in the Seoul Club family, making them feel comfortable and welcomed. We serve all the oldies but favorites including hot dogs, chicken fingers, and french fries. It contains healthy choices in addition to snacks and desserts. It’s a parent-friendly price range.




The Seoul Club provides a variety of activities and events for all our members including our membership appreciation nights. They are free events and open only to our members. They include quiz nights, movie nights, dances, wine and cheese socials, and other events.


We also have family fun day, which is another members-only event. Held several times a year, this event involves a myriad for fun and silly activities to do including boat races, horse rides, water balloon fights, hill billy hoe downs, swimming competitions. The warmer the season, the more events we host.


Our Seoul Club also houses a variety of other clubs including the wine club, seniors sing club, social game club, hiking club, and weekend warriors. After hours, we provide theater and concert tickets, passes, happy hour, transportation, dinner, and childcare in addition to our special events like business workshops, seminars, president’s events, speakers, and community activities.


Sporting Life


The Seoul Club has a fully equipped gym and fitness center for all needs. In addition to two large swimming pools and a baby pool for children and toddlers, there is a pool deck and an outdoor pool, which is a popular venue with members and their guests. It offers a beautiful view of the Namsan Mountain and the Seoul Tower. The outdoor pool also includes a baby pool and an adjacent outdoor playground. In order to maintain a healthy environment for all our members, the areas around the outdoor pools, playground, and pool deck are non-smoking areas.


Seoul Club’s outdoor pools are seasonal, but with our heating systems, we are open for more than 7 months of the year. We have an open recreational swimming periods as well as lap swimming designated areas. On the other hand, our indoor pool is available all year round. It is a primarily a lap pool, 25 meters long and 1.2 meters deep. Members can use the pool for exercise and lessons.

Regardless of which pool a member chooses at Seoul Club, safety while having fun is our top concern. We offer private swimming lessons for our members in addition to maintaining safe lap lanes and recreational options for our leisure swimmers. Additionally, all of Seoul Club pools have a team of certified lifeguards to supervise and keep watch everyone on premise. All our pools are maintained to the highest standards, and regardless of your swimming level, our pools are safe and fun places to play, exercise, and learn new skills.


The Seoul Club Fitness Center


Our fitness center provides state of the art equipment for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Our equipment includes treadmills, bicycles, stair climbers, free weights, elliptical machines, weight training. The Seoul Club fitness center team will supply exercisers with an orientation of the center in addition to the overall operation of all equipment. Our members can work their own pace or have our certified personal trainers assist them on an individual setting. Personal trainers help create a program, specially fitted to meet exercise goals. While some further restrictions can apply, for the most part, the fitness center is only available to Adult Member and Junior cardholders only.


Seoul Club Activity Rooms


Spin, step, and dance your way to a healthy and in shape body. Seoul Club arranges for weekly aerobic classes, Tae Kwon Do lessons, spinning, fat burn, yoga, ballet, zumba, dance, and many more. Ping pong is also available on weekends and rackets may be checked out at reception by request.

Seoul Club activity rooms provide a myriad set of activities and classes, no matter the age. To see an updated list of Seoul Club sporting events and activities, go to the front desks’ reception area or the activity shelving. Some restrictions do apply to junior members use of these activity room areas.


Seoul Club Courts


The Seoul Club has two indoor Squash Courts available to members and their guests. Members can play in competitions and as part of their down time. We offer squash lessons all year around in addition to Squash League, Ladders, and Socials. Moreover, for both our adult and junior members, we offer Squash Tournaments as a great way to exercise and hone squash skills.

Just across the street from our club, we share two tennis courts at Jang-Choong Tennis courts with the Korean Tennis Association. Weather permitting, these courts are available all year around for use by our Seoul Club members and their guests. Plus, Seoul Club provides a variety of tennis activities and events throughout the year for members of all levels. That includes socials, ladders, international women’s leagues, and tournaments for adults and juniors.

Lastly but not least, Seoul Club offers a golf practice range that is indoors, making it available for members year round. The golf venue is free to all members. Members can feel free to bring their own clubs, or there are clubs available at the practice ranges. Our practice range includes six different golf stations, where members can spend the day practicing on their own. There are also lessons available at Seoul Club’s in-house Golf Pro. While our indoor range will always be available, we also have three corporate golf club memberships outside of Seoul. Our corporate golf club membership gives all our members the opportunity to use these golf courses and tee off at their leisure. While Seoul Club members are responsible for caddy expenses, green fees, and any additional service fees, our Sports Desk Reception can provide directions and assist with reservations.


Seoul Club Private Saunas


Indulge in our private saunas, where you can refresh yourself for an hour or spend the whole day luxuriating in the salubrious and gentle heat. All members are welcome, even the smallest ones, where we have specially tailored miniature robes and slippers in the family sauna for their comfort.


86 Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, KOREA